Music To My Cochlear Pt. 2

Truthfully, I never caught on with the rap music scene when I was growing up. Throughout the 2000s, when everyone was going crazy over Nelly and Ludacris, I never fully understood the hype. Not that I had any issues with hip hop songs coming on the radio and other people’s Walkmen. I just never became a huge fan of it. I was more into easy-listening music like Blink-182 and The Killers. Though there were a few rap songs that were catchy, I was never able to fully appreciate the genre, until recently.

A couple months ago, ‘Till I Collapse by Eminem came on my Spotify radio at the gym, and the music was hitting me in ways I’ve never heard before. Although I’ve heard this song many times before, I was actually enjoying it on a different level. I had a moment where I suddenly realized that I didn’t have to understand every single word to fully appreciate it. So, I slowly put more and more Slim Shady into my daily music listening. This has been an excellent development with my CI. Like I said before, parts of my brain that have never been used before have been active since the Cochlear got turned on. I became increasingly intrigued with the way rappers tell their stories through unthinkable rhymes and timely catch phrases. It’s an entirely unique way of storytelling, whether or not you can relate to the lyrics. It’s like reading a whole new section of books that you thought never read, but you unexpectedly get hooked on. After getting familiar with Eminem, I started listening Childish Gambino and Chance. I can only imagine the list will go on from here on out. It’s unreal how much music that I’ve been missing out on all this time!

It’s been almost a year since becoming active, and I still see new changes come into my life with the CI. It’s really great seeing how much I’ve been missing out on and being able to savor it now. At some point next week, I’ll be sure to post up a one-year reflection of my first year with Cochlear. In the meantime, I’ll leave up one of Eminem’s songs on here for you all to listen.


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