The Deaf Star

One experience that has changed for me since getting the Cochlear implant is going to the movies. Not just because I can now hear how annoying the bag of candy sounds when I crumple it up, but that I can pick up on a lot more dialogues and sound effects. The other night, I went to see the new Star Wars movie “Rogue One” with my buddy, Tyler. It was my second movie since being activated with the first being “Suicide Squad” back in August. Although, Suicide Squad probably wasn’t the best movie to test out the Cochlear (If you haven’t seen it, don’t). Plus, my Cochlear wasn’t as adjusted back in August as it is now.

As for Rogue One, the movie contains an amazing score by John Williams and all the cool laser blaster and spaceship sound effects that we all love. With just hearing aids, I did not hear as much of the dialogue, only picking up about 40-50 percent. Last night, I picked up on 80 percent of the conversations! It was definitely enough to not ask Tyler a million questions afterward about who said what. The only thing difficult was trying to pick up on the talking when the character speaking isn’t on the screen (Ex: Trying to listen to someone talk over the radio). Plus some of the aliens’ accents are hard to pick up on, but that I can deal with. Also, if you haven’t seen it, you definitely should drop whatever you’re doing and go. Rogue One gives all of us Star Wars nerds the satisfaction of being enlightened on an unknown gap of the storyline from the galaxy far, far away.

As for those thinking that I should try out a closed captioning device, I have had my fair share of experimenting with them in theaters while growing up. I just haven’t really had a successful occurrence with one while seeing a movie. So while it works for some, the hassle isn’t worth it for me. Although I do watch everything else at home with the good ol’ CC on. My roommates get a kick out of how the subtitle writers implement some of the sound effects.

At this point, 8 months into the CI, I may need to get another adjustment with the audiologist soon. In the movie theater, I tried to adjust my device to turn it up even more then I realized that I’m at my maximum settings. I don’t want to jump to conclusions just yet, but I may be ready for an upgrade sometime in January. So stay tuned, and may the Force be with you!



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