The other day, I was sitting in the living room watching Netflix with one of my roommates and turned off the TV. Both of us being lazy, we sat on the couch browsing through our phones before getting up. I started hearing some clicking noises and didn’t think much of it at first. Being used to the city noise, I thought it was some construction going on down the street. Then as time went on, the clicking noises would not stop. I got irritated with it and decided to look outside. I found that there was no construction going on- it was pouring rain. I stood there wondering how I could hear raindrops so well from inside the house. Oh yeah, that’s right- I have a Cochlear Implant.

The thing is, I can now hear raindrops INSIDE my head. It’s hard to describe. With the CI, my ears have been able to stimulate my brain more than ever. I am hearing with my head rather than my ears, just like any other able-eared person. When I had hearing aids in both ears, my brain worked extra hard to process whatever sound was amplified into my ears. The CI, believe it or not, works more naturally with my inner ear so that I am hearing the same way as everyone else. Again, as stated in an earlier blog post, the implant processes, rather than amplifies, the sound.

Even after 9 months of being activated, I am still picking up on new improvements with the right ear. It’s defintely exciting!


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