Back In Action

Hi all! 

I apologize for being off the grid lately. I’ve hit a point where my improvements are slowly progressing and I’m not noticing the difference as much anymore. It have been a slow process and that’s expected at this point. It’s been a little over three months since activation and I’m feeling great about my implant. There are still bumps on the road every now and then but what is life without challenges??

Before my surgery, I used to wake up in the morning and put on my hearing aids immediately before I get out of bed. When I got the Cochlear activated, I would take my time in the morning to put them on because it sounded so different and uncomfortable. Now, I recently noticed that I would put them on at the same time as my hearing aid. This is a big deal because this means my brain is starting to get used to the sound going through my inner ear! 

Another thing I’ve noticed in the past month or so is that my brain isn’t working as hard when I’m listening to other people. With hearing aids in both of my ears, it would take a lot of effort and energy focusing on what my hearing aids are feeding me. However, with the Cochlear implant, the information is already inside my head (literally). So, my brain is processing the sound more naturally and effortlessly. With that said, it’s exciting to think about how well I hear six months from now!

Sometimes when I turn off my hearing aid to exercise my brain with the Cochlear implant, I noticed that it’s picking up on the natural sounds very well. I can have conversations with people in noisy environment a little better than before. The only thing that I’m still struggling with is digital sounds, which is mostly music and TV. For example, last night, I was on my back deck with a couple friends while there was music playing. I could hear my friends clearly but the music on the speakers were very distance and hard to distinguish. So hopefully my brain will catch up with the digital sounds going forward!

I will be seeing Coldplay this weekend so I’ll be sure to give you guys an update again soon on how well I hear them with the Cochlear!



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