Magic Magnet

I have gone through an immense amount of change since the first few days of having those overwhelming wind chimes inside my head. The wind chiming definitely went away and the relatively normal sounds came back. A lot of the new sounds I hear takes a minute for me to realize where the sound is coming from. In the first week, I would get tense from hearing cars driving by or by simply listening to certain music in the car. Though it got easier each day! I was very surprised to hear birds from inside the house. It was something I had to get used to since my initial thought was that theres a bird in the house. Another cool discovery I made is that I can hear people talk with at lower level. So while I get overwhelmed with normal level of sound I can pick up conversation through a softer voice!

I had an another adjustment done with Maegan and Sonya, on Friday the 1st, for the 2 week update. We went up one level at a time to see if I don’t get overwhelmed with the sounds in the room. It felt like a game of chicken because theres a moment of silence in my Cochlear ear before I hear the next level. We went through five or six levels before I started to cringe at the sound of my own voice. After the update I went into the testing booth to see how much more I can hear. Maegan had me do the test where if I hear a sound I would press the button. It’s difficult sometimes because there would be time that I would think that I’m hearing something but then decide it’s all in my head. Then it would turn out that it was an actual sound. Afterwards, the test result showed that I can hear up to around 30-35 decibels while regular ears can hear up to 20 db! So now it’s all about learning to understand what those new sounds convey and getting used to what people sounds like.

If you haven’t seen me yet since my Cochlear was activated, here’s one cool thing!

The magnet attached to my processor can hold stuff for me! This has been a lot of fun to play with. And you know what the best part is? It doesn’t hurt to have the magnet on my head. So cool.


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