Growth Spurts

Almost four weeks after the surgery and my ear feels fantastic. The incision feels good and I can sleep on my right side just fine without any complication. There is still a subtle feeling of numbness but it doesn’t bother me too much. I’ve definitely developed a serious habit of sitting/standing so that my left ear is next to whomever I’m speaking to. Though if you ever saw me sitting to the left of someone, I probably didn’t want to hear them (😉). Only a couple more days until the activation!

Another reason behind growing out of my hearing aids is my growth from my year of postgraduate service with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps (JVC). In short, JVC is similar to the Peace Corps in the sense where people are given the opportunity to volunteer full-time for a year or two. While the whole year in itself have challenged me in different ways,  I’d like to specifically point out my experience in teaching religious education along with some of my JV roommates (or community mates as we liked to call each other). We agreed to volunteer on the side (we liked saying yes to everything) to teach kids for about 7 months to guide them through their first Reconciliation and first Holy Communion. While I was initially excited for the opportunity, it challenged me in a way that I didn’t expect. I encountered difficulty in hearing the kids speak in class due to their higher pitched voices. My community mates wound up running the class while I quietly sat in on each lesson. I would do whatever I could to pitch in, though a lot of the lessons were discussion-based since it was a smaller group of students. While my community mates didn’t mind and were very understanding of my disability, I was very critical of myself. I began to think about the future and how I would have my own kids someday. While I was aware the Cochlear would enhance my hearing in a different way, I never thought I needed the upgrade until toward the end of the 7 month time-frame of teaching. I really didn’t want to be limited from hearing children in the future, especially if someday I have my own. This perception also made me think about the bigger picture and all the small details I may have been missing out on every day. Ever since then, the idea of the Cochlear implant began to grow on me as I grew out out of my aids.


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