Going back to my first post of this blog, I said that I decided to get to Cochlear implant because I have outgrown my hearing aids. While it is a simple reason, there were several factors behind that reasoning. One is being the movie Interstellar. If you have not seen it, I would highly, highly recommend it. It has everything you want in a movie, ranging from the breathtaking soundtrack by Hans Zimmer to the emotionally driven dialogue directed by Christopher Nolan. One scene that really stuck with me in my discernment process was the spinning-docking scene. The main protagonist, Cooper (Matthew McConaughey), displayed astounding courage that we all should strive for in our lives. Cooper was never afraid to throw himself into the unknown to better himself and the rest of humanity. He relentlessly went the distance in whatever obstacles came up. When it came to the Cochlear implant, it was a huge unknown for me since there weren’t any ways to predetermine the sound and improvement. This movie inspired me to think differently and how I could live a more enriched life through the Cochlear implant.


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