The In-Between Process

Having the stitches removed was a pain-free process! The doctor said everything looks great after taking a look at my ear and incision. Now there is nothing left on my head from the surgery, except for a little scar that will eventually disappear. My ear still feels a bit numb but the doctor says that’s normal. I have to wait a few more days (2 weeks after the surgery) before I can start running again. It’ll be another week after that before I can hit up the gym and do some heavy lifting.

It has been an offbeat process wearing only one hearing aid. Especially now since I can’t hear anything out of my right ear. Without the aid, I used to be able to hear lower sound such as cars driving by. Now that’s not the case with the implant going through the cochlea. Though I do get excited thinking about the difference I’ll hear once I get turned on.

I skimmed through the Cochlear brochure the other day and found an enlightening chart (pictured below). In noisy environments, the Cochlear will enable me to hear conversations 70 percent of the time as opposed to 18 percent with hearing aids! This is because hearing aids are designed to amplify sounds which means to make everything louder then they actually are. This includes amplifying background noise.  The Cochlear does not amplify but rather it process sound. Hence the name, Nucleus Sound Processor. How cool is that?


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