First Signs of Recovering

Today is the second full day of recovery. I took the bandage off yesterday and saw my stitches for the first time. It feels very weird on my head now I can see what it looks like. The stitches are uncomfortable but it’s keeping me in one piece. I am avoiding any touching the right side of my head since I’m paranoid about messing it up, although it doesn’t hurt and I’m not in any pain.  My mom has been helping me take care of the wound with hydrogen peroxide and polysporin to prevent it from scabbing. It is also good so that the stitches can come out as painlessly as possible comes Thursday.

My Cochlear won’t be activated until March 18th. My ear will have to heal around the Cochlear for a month before anything can happen. So it will be a quiet month of wearing one hearing aid in my left ear. I’ve learned to not work too hard to hear everything going on. Otherwise, I would lose my mind! I’ve lost one ear so no need to lose the rest of my head. If someone were to try to talk to me from my right side I would just not respond until they walk over to my left ear. My brothers have learned how to do this the hard way 😋.

Sleeping has been an interesting process. I usually move around when I sleep. I sleep on my sides and switch side to side all night. Now I can only sleep on one side and it gets uncomfortable at times. The first night of sleeping was a little rough. My body was still getting used to having the Cochlear in it’s system. I had about 6 hours of sleep and woke up every now and then. The second night of sleep was better and I got around seven and half hours of sleep. Which is enough for now.

I’ve also been lucky enough to have visitors these past couple days! A few friends from Baltimore surprised me yesterday and stayed for lunch. A couple of my cousins came over and brought me homemade chocolate chip cookies (my favorite). Then finally my wonderful audiologist, Maegan, came over this morning and we got to catch up on everything. We had a good debriefing of the surgery and March 18th since Maegan will be the one to ultimately turn on the Cochlear. She also took away the big brief case of goodies from Cochlear that I was given after my surgery but wasn’t allowed to open until March 18th. It’s a good thing since I was naturally tempted to open everything in it.

  Me and Maegan this am!



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