Wrapped Up

I have to start with how overwhelmed I am with all of the support I am getting from everybody. Even hearing (hehe) from some of the people I’ve lost touch with means the absolute world to me. Again, I would not be where I am right now if it weren’t for the community of support I’ve received from ALL parts of my life. I truly feel blessed to have you all.

With that said, the surgery was a success! I started off in the preparation room and got hooked up with a couple IVs. This was done in order to prepare for the general anesthesia. I was a little nervous and queasy since I’m not the biggest fan of needles. I found it extremely helpful to talk with the nurses and doctors prepping me. My parents came in to wish me one last luck once I was all set. Then I was wheeled into the surgery room.  As I entered the surgery room, my heart begin to jump seeing the all the equipment and computer. Again, I engaged in a conversation with the residence doctor and that helped me focus. I moved over to the operating table and let me just say, it was SO comfortable and relaxing. I had a heated blanket on and the cushioning underneath me was warm.  I had things massaging around my leg to keep the blood flowing and the first stages of relaxer were plugged into my IVs. Before I could take note of what else was making me relax, I was out cold.

  Right before being wheeled to the surgery room. Don’t I look thrilled?

The next thing I knew, I was waking up in the recovery room. Everything was so blurry, so it took me a few moments to realize that the Cochlear was INSIDE my head! I survived the big game! The nurse went and grabbed my parents and they came in a minute after I woke up. Then my brothers came in shortly after them. I had a headache and felt groggy until the nurse put some more painkiller in the IV then I felt a lot better. The doctor came in and said the surgery went well. It took longer then usual because I had scar tissues in the way of cochlea from my bacterial meningitis when I was a baby. So it took the team three hours to complete the surgery and patch me up then I slept off the anesthesia for another hour. I was so happy to have a successful surgery after waiting so long for it.

On the way home, Mom stopped at Wawa and got me some of my favorite food. Thank God I didn’t have any dietary restriction for after the surgery because I was starving! I did take my time eating to let the anesthesia settle off. Then I rested and took it easy the rest of the day. The doctor gave me painkillers to take at home so I haven’t been in much pain at all. Just a little headache here and there. The hard part will be remembering to sneeze with an open mouth (is that possible??) and not blowing my nose for the next week. I also have a bandage wrapped around my head and right ear. I’ll be able to take the general bandage off tomorrow then the doctor will take off the special ear bandage on Monday during the first checkup.  I’ll have a second checkup one week from now to get the stitches removed from above my right ear. Can’t wait!

  “Wrapped up” in the bandage!


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